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Important update on The Pain Relief and Wellness Clinic’s fees


We much appreciate and thank you for your support as a valued loyal client of the Pain Relief and Wellness Clinic’s services.

We wish to inform, with regret, that our fees will increase on 13th October 2014. The current fees at the clinic have been the same since 2006. To offset the rising supplier/leasing/utilities costs and running expenses, a small increase in the fees of the acupuncture and massage services we provide is necessary. It is an affordable increase of just $10 per acupuncture or massage treatment, and to compensate our loyal clients we offer an economical special pack as detailed below:

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Cigarettes: roll your own vs factory-made


Dr Karl of the ABC science show (Australia) …

Back when I was in my 20s, I foolishly took what is probably the most dangerous and addictive drug known to the human race — the one that kills more people than any other drug. Yup, for a few years, I stupidly smoked cigarettes.

I thought that by smoking roll-your-own cigarettes, or ‘rollies’, rather than factory-made, I was taking a healthier (or at least, less harmful) pathway. I was so wrong.

Unfortunately for the (usually poorer) people who tend to smoke rollies, they are both less natural and more harmful. In factory-made cigarettes, the additives make up about half-a-per cent of the dry weight of the tobacco. But in the rollies, the additives are about 18 per cent of the dry weight. In other words, rollies have about 38 times more additives than factory-made ciggies.

But the good news

If you quit smoking before middle age, you reduce the risk of lung cancer by 90 per cent. Within two to five years of giving up smoking, your risk of heart attack and stroke drops significantly. And after 15 years of not smoking, your risk of stroke is the same as if you had never smoked.

Acupuncture points show on modern scans


CT scans reveal anatomical structures of acupuncture points. This new finding demonstrates the physical existence of acupuncture points. A CT (computerized tomography) scan is a series of X-rays used to create cross-sectional images. In this study published in the Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena, researchers used in-line phase contrast CT imaging with synchrotron radiation on both non-acupuncture points and acupuncture points. The CT scans revealed clear distinctions between the non-acupuncture point and acupuncture point anatomical structures.

The acupuncture points show a richer microvascular densities as compare to non acupuncture points.

Beetroot Juice, Arterial Disease and Sports Performance


Beetroot juice has been topic of research for the last couple of years and is not just because of its vasodilation properties which facilitates nutrient delivery to muscles, but apparently regular intake of Nitrate (NO₃), which is found in high amounts in beetroot juice, can decrease blood pressure and improve sports performance optimizing Oxygen (O₂) utilization.

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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Acupuncture

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – CRPS – also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), is a chronic progressive condition triggered by nerve injury and characterized by severe pain, inflammation, swelling and changes in the skin affecting arms, legs, hands or feet. Experts have yet to discover the cause of CRPS but know that injury or surgery may initiate the onset (Type 2), even though in some cases no previous or very minor injury occurred (Type 1). [i]

Upper extremity Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Lower extremity Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

The condition is extremely painful, debilitating and difficult to treat as there is currently no cure and most treatment revolves around alleviating the symptoms and pain management.

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Introducing Jocieli Reis, our new Nutritionist

We are very proud and happy to welcome Jo to our team.
She is very approachable, good listener and has a stack of great advice to share.
Jo will be at the clinic on Thursday’s and Saturday’s 9 am to 6 pm.

Jocieli Reis

Jocieli is a qualified nutritionist with a passion for food and for the positive impact it can have on our physical and psychological wellbeing. She strives not only to meet her clients needs but also to pair them up with lifelong skills through a holistic approach and nutritional education.

Having completed her Bachelor’s degree at the Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul/Brazil, in Nutrition and Dietetics, Jocieli has set her sights on improving the health of Sydney with her vast knowledge and enthusiasm for an active lifestyle (with a little South American flavour).
She has helped clients with a range of nutritional needs from weight management to general wellbeing. Whilst having expertise in public health nutrition and community health, she also has a particular interest in sports nutrition focusing on recovery, hydration, making weight and supplementation to improve performance.

Jo’s “hands on” approach is one that will not be forgotten, as she will not only be there to guide you through your journey but give you that personal experience to form a relationship which you can feel comfortable in. Consultations will not be limited to the office as food shopping tours will be on the cards as well as involvement in your kitchen.

She believes that it is never too late to start on your journey to a healthier self. And that the food we eat shouldn’t become a chore, but an experience every time we sit down to dine.

Alexey Has Returned!

Happy to let everyone know that Alexey has returned to the clinic. He took a few weeks of parental leave. All things are going well and Alexey is ready to get back into doing great massages and helping people with all their ailments.
Alexey is back to doing his regular days.
Monda, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Hope to see you in the clinic soon.

The Pain Relief and Wellness team.