What to Expect After Treatment

With acupuncture treatment, you will by lying in a calm, comfortable position on the treatment table, resting for between twenty and thirty minutes as the acupuncture points targeted are achieving their full effect. Some clients even fall asleep. When the treatment is complete, you may feel slightly light-headed. In some cases, a small pink area surrounding the insertion point of the acupuncture needle can be noticed; a normal reaction of the skin to penetration, but this usually disappears within an hour.

The beneficial effects of acupuncture are often felt immediately but the duration of the outcome depends on both the health problem being treated and the individual client.

After the massage session, you should feel relaxed; sometimes even a little light-headed or spacey. Just take a little time to let the body adjust before you head off out the door. Take care to drink a healthy amount of water to assist in the excretion of metabolic wastes and rehydrate the body. Massage therapy sessions are bit like exercise. The next day you may feel some muscular soreness and parts where you “didn’t know you had muscles”. This is normal and generally after 48 hours you will not be as sensitive and feel the full benefit of the massage.

Repetition is sometimes required to get a good lasting result from the massage therapy. If a complaint has been present for some time and considered chronic, it will most likely require multiple sessions to break the pattern. You should see incremental improvement changes after each session. For example, the affected area should decrease or the quality and level of pain/discomfort should reduce each time. Our treatments are assessed on a case-to-case basis and the number of sessions required depends how you respond.

We believe the client should be directly involved in the treatment plan process, where you can assess your progress. Once you have reached a level you are satisfied with, you can either continue on with a maintenance program or come back to the clinic when you feel the need for further treatment.

Take a little time to let your body adjust, and refresh with a drink of water before leaving.


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