Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a hands-on manual technique for the release of tension in specific tissue areas in the body. This includes muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia.

Essentially, just like our counterparts in the animal world, many find it just feels good to be touched. Even when we hurt ourselves, we instinctively rub the area to soothe it and feel better.

Since ancient times, the restorative and healing properties of massage and touch have been known and practiced. Most cultures include some adaptation of therapeutic massage tradition that has been used for many centuries.

Remedial massage indicates a specific goal or effect is desired. Sickness or disharmony of the body can cause a shift in the body to painful state. Remedial massage can be used to remedy this by identifying the cause of the problem area and using specific manual techniques to release, stretch and return muscles to their proper length. Remedial massage is not necessarily hard or painful.

Massage can even have a beneficial effect on the immune system and organ function. Even psycho-spiritual emotional problems can be helped with massage. The body and mind are a linked unit. If your body feels good then your mind will also be affected to ‘feel good’ and more in balance.

Massage therapy is also great as a preventative treatment and health maintenance method. This is especially relevant for those who place great demands on their body. Heavy physical work and intense sport activity is invigorating but may lead to repetitive strain and injuries. Massage therapy has restorative and healing properties that will help keep the body stronger for longer. In fact, everyone can benefit from massage as the increased blood flow is invigorating and flexibility is enhanced.