Acupuncture is, as the name suggests, the puncturing of the skin with a superfine acupuncture needle on specific acu-points. These acupuncture points exist on specific pathways along the limbs and on the body. These pathways can almost be thought of as the neural pathways we have running all through our bodies. Acupuncture is like tapping into this bio-electricity that runs the nervous system, and stimulating it to reach the desired effect.

The body has an intuitive skill to try to heal itself and return to homeostasis (a state of balance and harmony). From time to time, the body’s systems become deficient or over-productive in a way that makes us ill. This can be through lifestyle factors, exposure, diet, stress or any of the other societal pressures and anxieties that face us today. Acupuncture looks at stimulating this bio-electricity (energy) at specific acupuncture points to encourage the body’s own natural healing process.

The history of acupuncture and Chinese medicine stretches back over thousands of years, during which time it was effectively used as the predominant sickness and well-being recovery system in China and the East.

The benefits of this remarkable Oriental history of healing is currently gaining more prominent legitimacy and acclaim within the Western concepts of medical care and treatment – an added advantage available to us all in relieving the health problems and stresses that we face in modern times.