Welcome to the Pain Relief and Wellness Clinic

Acupuncture can rejuvenate, energise and heal. It will boost overall vitality, stimulate the immune system and help correct alignment for smoother sailing.

At our clinic, we practise an integrated, holistic approach to relieving pain, improving health, reducing stress levels and boosting overall well-being.

We focus strongly on using acupuncture and remedial massage. Our treatments are non-invasive and non-toxic, providing a treatment approach that utilises the body’s own healing mechanisms to bring about change and boost health.

One of the great benefits is that you can use our treatments to heal injuries and ill health as well as to energise and invigorate the body to keep it strong with improved resistance to future ailments.

Acupuncture and remedial massage are ‘hands on’ therapies providing great feedback on how the body is responding to the treatment, with active acupressure or trigger points changing during the course of treatment.

We also encourage supplementing the acupuncture and remedial massage treatments with specific Chinese herbs, providing a powerful enhancement of treatment benefits between sessions.

If you would like to see what acupuncture looks like, please check out our The Pain Relief and Wellness Clinic Experience in the Video’s section of the website.

The clinic is located in the central part of Sydney in the fun hustle and bustle of Darlinghurst. While the neighbourhood is colourful and vibrant, the clinic is surprisingly calm and the surroundings relaxing.

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The Pain Relief and Wellness Clinic

We specialise in pain and injury management. However we also treat a other aspects of health including: anxiety and stress, sleep, headache and migraine, digestive disorders, fertility and low immune function,
The Pain Relief and Wellness Clinic
The Pain Relief and Wellness Clinic

If you take proton pump inhibitors for reflux the timing of the medication is quite important. Nexium (esomeprazole) is a commonly prescribed medication. To get the best result you should take the medication just before meal time. The reason for this is:-
• The medication works on inhibiting acid producing cells in the stomach
• Between meals only about 5 % of the cells are active and become secretory with the ingestion of food.
• By taking medication before meal you ensure you get maximal effect on the acid secreting cells with they are the most active during the meal.
If you take the medication during the more dormant phase you may experience less effect of the drugs and they may seem ineffective.
This simple tip may help you get the results you are looking for and save you hunting around trying different drugs.
However, if problems persist keep investigating and consult your treating physician

The Pain Relief and Wellness Clinic
The Pain Relief and Wellness Clinic
Cow’s milk may provide better hydration and sports recovery.
If you can tolerate and digest cow’s milk it may be a better beverage to consume than a surgery sports beverage. Isotonic sport beverage like Gatorade do provide better hydration when the body has lost salts through sweating. However, the sweet content off these drinks can damage teeth if constantly sipping on them throughout workout. Also, refined sugars are generally best kept to a minimum in diet. Humble old milk has protein, natural sugars and amino acids perfect for post recovery hydration and nutrition. Further scientific study needs to be done for a definitive answer the question of sports recover is enhanced by cow’s milk... but in the meantime... why not try it and see how you respond? Get good quality organic non homogenised milk. 1 litre of top shelf milk probably costs the same as a Gatorade.


The Pain Relief and Wellness Clinic
The Pain Relief and Wellness Clinic
Fresh mountain stream water. delicious ... Daoist once upon a time watched the rain fall on the mountain then make its way down through the meadows.. Eventually the steams and rivers would make it to to the sea, evaporate and the cycle continue. Its a good analogy for the body. if there is free flow no pain no problem like a runni g streem. , if there is blockage = problem = pain like a stagnant creek .
The Pain Relief and Wellness Clinic
The Pain Relief and Wellness Clinic
The Pain Relief and Wellness Clinic
Interesting ranking on diets.

US news and world report rate 40 diets best to less good.

1. Mediterranean Diet
2. DASH Diet
3. The Flexitarian Diet

It was very Interesting to see what turned up at the bottom

32. Alkaline Diet
33. Paleo Diet
37. Atkins Diet
38. Keto Diet
40. Dukan Diet



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How we can help

Are you experiencing back and neck discomfort/pain you don’t know how to resolve?

Do you feel you have put up with this long enough?  You want to find a solution to reduce this distressing pain and hopefully, make it go away entirely.

Is this stopping you from doing the things you love?  Or making work unbearable?

You feel a dull ache in the muscles that just won’t go away.  Perhaps it has even developed to a more burning pressure in arms or legs.   If you are an active person this can be especially frustrating.  Pain is limiting.  It does this for good reason.  Pain is a protective mechanism to preserve your life.  It limits further damage being done to the injured part of your back or neck. It’s also a message telling you that you need help.

Pain doesn’t make you a better person.  In fact, over time it will actually change who you are.  It has been shown in scientific literature that the brain remaps itself according to stimulus. Longstanding pain could get “hard wired” in the brain.  It can remain present even when the injury has healed.  Life is short.  There is no point in wasting time being a grouch or a couch potato due to pain.  There are so many amazingly better things to do.  For example skiing [link to ski page] or mountaineering.

Do you have demanding work at the office?  Sitting long hours at a desk can place strenuous demands on the body.  Slogging away at your work, a small niggle can go from an ache to something excruciating.  Neck pain is a common result of too much work at the computer.  All that weight of the arm hinges on the poor wrists.  Work is necessary.  Most can’t change the work environment, but there are options to change and alleviate the negative impact on vulnerable parts of the body due to work situations.

If you are struggling with back and neck pain, we can help you to relieve the discomfort and return to normal life doing the things you love.

Acupuncture and massage are a great way to help solve this problem.  Releasing the soft tissue and muscle tension gives relief from the pain. Releasing muscle tightness can also provide more room for the nerves.  Reduced irritation of the nerves will reduce pain.

Please give us a call at the clinic to book in for an appointment. We are also happy discuss any questions or concerns you might have.

+61 2 9358 6838