Friday, September 12, 2014

Important update on The Pain Relief and Wellness Clinic’s fees


We much appreciate and thank you for your support as a valued loyal client of the Pain Relief and Wellness Clinic’s services.

We wish to inform, with regret, that our fees will increase on 13th October 2014. The current fees at the clinic have been the same since 2006. To offset the rising supplier/leasing/utilities costs and running expenses, a small increase in the fees of the acupuncture and massage services we provide is necessary. It is an affordable increase of just $10 per acupuncture or massage treatment, and to compensate our loyal clients we offer an economical special pack as detailed below:

SPECIAL OFFERWe take this opportunity to offer you the chance to pre-purchase treatments at the current prices with a ‘4 treatment’ pack that can be used over the next 12 months:

4 x acupuncture treatment (4 x 80) = $320
4 x massage 60 minutes (4 x $100) = $400
4 x massage 45 minutes (4 x $80) = $320
4 x massage 30 minutes (4 x $60) = $240

As acupuncture and massage works wonderfully well together, we also offer this pre-purchase care plan in combo packs. This gives us the opportunity to create a plan that will have a deeper effect on your specific needs. Sometimes to get better and longer lasting results, repetition can really help to consolidate the outcome.

4 x acupuncture + massage 30 minute (4 x $130) = $520
4 x acupuncture + massage 45 minute (4 x $150) = $600
4 x acupuncture + massage 60 minute (4 x 170) = $680

Take advantage of the great offer! Either pre-purchase your special ‘4xtreatment’ pack over the phone using a credit card, or in person at the clinic.


Fees as of 13st October 2014

Initial acupuncture treatment $105
Acupuncture 60 minutes $90
Massage 60 minutes $110
Massage 45 minutes $90
Massage 30 minutes $70
Acupuncture + massage 30 minutes $150
Acupuncture + massage 45 minutes $170
Acupuncture + massage 60 minutes $190

We look forward to seeing you at the clinic.

Kind regards,

Leif Tunell

Proprietor and Senior Acupuncturist

The Pain Relief and Wellness Clinic